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Trauma poster

Trauma - Episode Guide

★ - /10

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Total Seasons:2
Total Episodes:36
1 2

Season 1

[1.1] Pilot

When emergencies occur, the trauma team from San Francisco City Hospital is first on the scene, traveling by land, by sea or by air to reach their victims in time. From the heights of the city's Transamerica Pyramid to the depths of the San Francisco Bay, these heroes must face the most extreme conditions to save lives -- and give meaning to their own existence in the process. In this initial installment, tragedy hits close to home, and the lives and paths of the team are forever changed.

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Sep 27, 2009

[1.2] All's Fair

The team responds to a major accident when a car loses control and crashes into a local street fair. Meanwhile, Nancy gets a new partner and Rabbit teaches Marisa a lesson.

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Oct 4, 2009

[1.3] Bad Day at Work

Boone's marital problems take a back seat to a mad gunman who goes on a shooting rampage inside an office building. The incident forces Rabbit and Nancy to work together for the first time in over a year to treat the injured hostages. Meanwhile, Marisa realizes she's more like Rabbit than she would care to admit.

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Oct 11, 2009

[1.4] Stuck

Tyler and Boone respond to an explosion at a Chinese restaurant and find that there is more to the situation than meets the eye. Meanwhile, Nancy's advanced medical training is put to the test. Elsewhere, Rabbit has an unexpected reaction to a bumpy flight.

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Oct 18, 2009

[1.5] Masquerade

Tyler and Boone are on the scene when chaos erupts at a Halloween party. Meanwhile, Nancy and Glenn's shift takes an unusual turn. Elsewhere, a secret is revealed that can change a partnership.

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Oct 26, 2009

[1.6] Home Court

A routine shift takes a dangerous turn.

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Nov 2, 2009

[1.7] That Fragile Hour

Do the right thing?

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Nov 9, 2009

[1.8] M'aidez

A wedding celebration at sea is interrupted by a high-speed boat collision. As the team quickly rushes to their aid to treat the victims, things get lost in translation. Meanwhile, Nancy takes time to reconnect with her family. Elsewhere, Marisa comes to the aid of those close to her heart.

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Nov 16, 2009

[1.9] Coming Home

A plane makes an emergency landing & other Thanksgiving emergencies.

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Nov 23, 2009

[1.10] Blue Balloon

As a bad batch of heroin hits the streets of San Francisco, Glenn questions Nancy's judgment during an encounter with a 'frequent flyer.' Meanwhile, a bizarre theft sends Marisa on wild goose chase. Elsewhere, Boone contemplates his future and takes a new step, while a romance begins to take off.

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Nov 30, 2009

[1.11] Tunnel Vision

Nancy's fear puts her patient at risk as Boone must make a tough call.

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Mar 8, 2010

[1.12] Protocol

A routine call takes a turn for the worse.

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Mar 15, 2010

[1.13] '13'

Rabbit is back in the field and Glenn pays his dues.

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Mar 22, 2010

[1.14] Targets

Nancy and Glenn get caught in the crossfire as a sniper takes San Francisco hostage. Rabbit and Marisa are torn between instinct and protocol as each emergency medical call could be a trap. Meanwhile, Boone must learn to adapt to Tyler's new paramedic status and medical knowledge.

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Mar 28, 2010

[1.15] Scope of Practice

Nancy (Anastasia Griffith) comes under fire for ignoring protocol when treating a high school cheerleader and her actions put Dr. Joe (Jamey Sheridan) in the hot seat and their relationship on the line. Meanwhile, Rabbit (Cliff Curtis) and Marisa (Aimee Garcia) are quarantined after being exposed to a patient with meningitis. Elsewhere, a misunderstanding puts Boone's (Derek Luke) partnership with Tyler (Kevin Rankin) to the test.

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Apr 4, 2010

[1.16] Frequent Fliers

Nancy and her father clash over his new role as the head of the Trauma center. Marisa has a surprising dream about Rabbit, and it begins to affect their working relationship. Boone and Tyler respond to a call at a mosque and have a difference of opinion on how to treat the patient. Elsewhere, Ira, known for his tendency to call in repeatedly for medical assistance, resurfaces.

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Apr 11, 2010

[1.17] Sweet Jane

In the process of gathering stories for his book, Glenn finds himself discussing unusual calls with his work mates and ends up hearing much more than he imagined. Elsewhere, Tyler's dad comes to town for a visit.

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Apr 18, 2010

[1.18] Crossed Wires

A problem with dispatch creates chaos when medics are sent scrambling to the wrong locations. Marisa reconnects with her army buddy Casey but their visit takes a dark turn. Boone plans a surprise party for Tyler's birthday. Elsewhere, Nancy, who has a lot on her plate as she deals with a terminal cancer patient, ponders the next step with Rabbit in their relationship.

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Apr 25, 2010

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