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Sym-Bionic Titan poster

Sym-Bionic Titan - Episode Guide

★ - /10

(0 votes)
Total Seasons:1
Total Episodes:20

Season 1

[1.1] Escape to Sherman High

Three survivors from a distant planet come to earth and attempt to blend into earth's population. Attempting to do just that another alien creature bent on destroying the first three. Also do not forget the Giant Robots.

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Sep 16, 2010

[1.2] Neighbors in Disguise

Posing as head of the Lunis family, Octus buys a house for Ilana. While shopping for furniture, Lance activates his power suit and attracts the attention of Modula who sends a five-headed robot to Earth.

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Sep 23, 2010

[1.3] Elephant Logic

When Lance and Ilana disagree about their combined fighting tactics, Octus watches 'Animal Friends' to learn parenting skills. General Steel unleashes a monster when he orders tests on an alien rock.

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Sep 30, 2010

[1.4] The Phantom Ninja

Ilana starts a campaign for better food at Sherman High. A bored Lance begins fighting crime anonymously at night. Mutraddi assassin Xeexi has been sent to Earth to find Ilana and her companions and eliminate them.

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Oct 7, 2010

[1.5] Roar of the White Dragon

Lance becomes obsessed by The White Dragon and his hot rod. Ilana forces Lance to take his driving exam, first.

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Oct 14, 2010

[1.6] Shaman of Fear

Both Ilana and Lance are being plagued by nightmares and visions of dread involving their respective fathers. Meanwhile Octus suffers lapses in his memory.

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Oct 21, 2010

[1.7] Showdown at Sherman High

Titan defeats a giant blob from Mutraddi, but a tiny piece survives by sticking close to Ilana and ends up in her locker at Sherman High. It grows stronger and larger as Ilana auditions to become a Sherman High cheerleader.

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Oct 28, 2010

[1.8] Shadows of Youth

Following the disappearance of his father, young Lance was sent to the Military Academy on Galaluna. There, he immediately encounters a bully called Baron and is soon competing against him to win the Medal of Excellence.

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Nov 5, 2010

[1.9] Tashy 497

Modula dispatches the most explosive yet unassuming Mutradd creature to destroy the Earth. Titan stops it's decent and the three Galalunans adopt it. Ilana names it 'Mushy' because it loves marsh mellows. Lance admires it's tough hide and names it 'Tarrax' after a great Galalunian General. Octus identifies it as creature 497 and sets out to unlock it's secret.

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Nov 12, 2010

[1.10] Lessons in Love

Head Cheerleader Kimmy orders Octus, in his human guise of Newton, to help her with a math test. Lance and Ilana leave the house and end up at a concert.

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Nov 19, 2010

[1.11] The Fortress of Deception

Solomon and his G3 men capture Ilana and Lance, with Octus in hot pursuit. After being interrogated in a top secret prison, the two young Galalunians escape with aid from the mysterious Drake.

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Dec 3, 2010

[1.12] The Ballad of Scary Mary

Kimmy takes Newton to Sherman High's annual Scary Mary party and Ilana and Lance reluctantly go along. A Mutraddi shapeshifter lands in the woods nearby and infiltrates the party, disguising itself as various of the humans present.

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Feb 2, 2011

[1.13] The Demon Within

The team defeats the amphibian Muculox in a swamp, but Ilana becomes infected by it's bite and starts to mutate into a Muculox herself.

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Feb 9, 2011

[1.14] I Am Octus

The world comes to a standstill. Octus is the only being not frozen in place. He has to figure out the source of this phenomenon in order to free his teammates and every one else.

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Feb 16, 2011

[1.15] Disenfranchised

After watching school band 'Disenfranchised' perform, Lance is inspired to pick up a guitar. General Steel has one of his men pose as a student at Sherman High to discover the secret of the Titan.

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Mar 2, 2011

[1.16] Escape from Galaluna

Flashback to the day the King of Galaluna was overthrown by the Mutraddi. Lance was the first to catch on to the betrayal while Princess Ilana and her loyal bodyguard try to make it back to her father.

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Mar 9, 2011

[1.17] Under the Three Moons

Ilana proposes helps to organize the Homecoming dance and bases it's theme on the Galalunian Harvest Festival. Even Lance is forced to find a date since Octus/Sherman is dating Kimmy and Ilana is taking Jason.

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Mar 16, 2011

[1.18] A Family Crisis

A surprise birthday party for Octus is interrupted by a distress call from, of all people, Solomon. He needs help fighting a creature made up out of pure lightning aboard an abandoned space station.

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Mar 26, 2011

[1.19] The Steel Foe

Unable to defeat a Mutraddi menace without Octurs, Lance and Ilana have dropped out of school and are traveling the country in search of a way to recharge their robot protector.

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Apr 1, 2011

[1.20] A New Beginning

Solomon offers help to the Galalunans and tries to reactivate Octus at G3 Headquarters. But General Steel takes this opportunity to launch an attack on G3 with his H.M.E.R. (aka The Hammer). In the middle of the battle, the Rift Gate opens.

★ -/10 (0 votes)

Released: Apr 8, 2011

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